Who We Are?

The International Educational and Social Sciences Association (IESSA) is a prime fountain to quench the thirst of knowledge and research for the promotion of education and social sciences and the common good of the global village. It is an international interdisciplinary social science association. IESSA’s professional members are always enthusiastic about motivating and assisting the novice researchers and practitioners in their respective fields. The Association aims to provide enlightened services for the public good through education and social sciences, particularly encourages the practice of research to cultivate educational and social science process. IESSA surpassingly strives to uplift the contemporary knowledge regarding education and social sciences as well as supports via stimulating, boosting, and ultimately elevating education-related scholarship and predominance of the Social Science Research as a scholarly field of inquiry.  

Academic and professional development for graduate students, undergraduates, researchers, teachers, social workers, philanthropists, educational leaders, and career counselors in education and social sciences are prominent features of the Association that aims to promote intellectual growth, collaboration, and collegiality. Likewise, the assistance, appraisal, dissemination, and eventually, real-world application of research outcomes are also the foremost concerns of IESSA. Many of our members comprise of faculty, researchers and graduate students, including non-teaching faculty serving as educationists, sociologists, social workers, and eminent officials in various fields of education and social sciences all over the world. These members execute responsibilities in key positions at research institutes, universities, other public and private educational organizations, federal and ceremonial agencies. 

With the real essence to serve for the common good, on the bases of their proficiency, the members are committed to doing their utmost to stimulate and assist the novice researchers, to generate and disseminate knowledge, to expand methods and procedures, to instigate elucidations and real-world application of research outcomes.

We cordially invite you to join IESSA and collaborate with us to share your experiences, skills, knowledge, and research with the international community of scholars, students, researchers, and social scientists.